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hosting parties - would love to hear from everyone - [quote=SLCWANDERLUST]I have to echo Sara. There is a book called "Loving More" I don't know if it is available any more. tells you how to find couples through personal ads! We have room for quite a few..long as they all play nice.. There are tons of stories, a few of which are actually well written, about swingers first times.

LOL But not sure we want to fill the place to the rafters... You'll have to wade through some garbage to get tot he good ones unless things have changed since I was last there several years ago. Sexperimentors What is up with Swingular and Drama?

Friday Night there will be a PJ/Lingerie Party Saturday afternoon - A Clothing Optional Pool Party Saturday Night - A fantastic Halloween Feast followed by the Super Spooky Super Sexy Halloween Bash.